Škola za umjetnost, dizajn, grafiku i odjeću Zabok

School for Art, Design, Graphics and Clothes Zabok from Zabok
Prilaz prof. Ivana Vrančića 5, ZabokT 049 221 620 F 049 221 147 Principle T 049 221 174 Secretary T 049 221 205
E skola.umjetnosti.zabok@kr.t-com.hr www.ss-sudigo-zabok.skole.hr

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School for Art, Design, Graphics and Clothes Zabok from Zabok is a highschool which educates students in the fields of visual arts and design, graphics and clothes making. The school capacity is for 400-odd students divided in 16 classes with fifty or so teachers.

Visual arts and design comprise layout, clothes design, industrial design and ceramics design. The education lasts for four years.

In the field of graphics students are educated to become graphics technicians and media technicians, which are four-year education programmes, as well as printmakers and finishing process printmakers which have three-year education programmes.

In the field of clothes making students are educated in a three-year programme to become tailors.

The school has verified programmes for adult education - retraining, specialization, as well as vocational training in the fields of textile and clothes, graphics and visual arts and design. The school has also got 'Little School of Parenting'.

The school is also the cofounder of the state contest 'Dani odjeće' - 'Days of Clothes', which was held for the first time in 1996 right in our school as a meeting of textile schools of Croatia. Our school was also a participant and sponsor of many different state contests and pageants, and our students won different prizes in international and home- contests in the fields of textile and clothes, visual arts and design, and graphics.

Last school year we participated in the state contests Days of Clothes 2006 in Vinkovci and State Competition - Exhibition of visual and applied arts and design highschools in Split . We achieved excellent results; two first places and one second place in 'Days of Clothes', we had 6 pieces on the exhibition and one drawer at the state contest.

The work of our school is also marked by the success of our students' cooperative 'Souvenir' which as its goal states introducing to students successful organization of work in the fields they are being educated for. Students' cooperative also presents 'old' crafts like 'Zagorske meštrije' - old handicrafts from Hrvatsko Zagorje.

The school also organizes international lectures, workshops and projects. Programmes and projects for relieving of students are being carried out on the line of integrated curriculum. The essential meaning of the project 'Learn How to Learn' is introducing to students the ways of learning, and their practise. We work together with a school in Murska Sobota from Slovenia on a project of international cooperation called Affirmative Usage of Free Time to reduce violence among the young. Our school has printed the Flowery flag on the occasion of the invitation of the Croatian Radio for the most beautiful school garden. Every year our students and teachers organize an exhibition on the occasion of Ksaver Gjalski Day; they also participate in promotion of the anthology 'Pozice'; they also participate in various pageants throughout Croatia where they represent our school as well as Krapinsko-Zagorska County .

Our students go on many excursions and visit many exhibitions in Croatia and abroad.

Students are divided in smaller groups to achieve better results. Students are being encouraged in their free artistic expressing, and the school is trying to promote artistic, designer and creative environment.

We have managed to make good contacts with graphic companies such as Birotehnik, Honing, self-employed craftsmen and entrepreneurs. We have established a qualitative partnership with an entire local community. We encourage cooperation with parents through PTA meetings, Open lessons for parents and 'Little School of Parenting'.

We think occupations we offer are attractive to students of Krapinsko - Zagorska County because in one way, they give them an opportunity to enrol in various faculties (architecture, fine arts academy, graphic faculties and other technical faculties, faculty of philosophy, teacher training college), and in the other way they give students opportunities of fast employment with decent salaries.


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